Win in Search and Analytics with Artificial Intelligence

Empower your Digital Marketing with AI

AvantGrade is an “AI first” digital marketing agency. In AvantGrade we believe that AI technologies free up human brain power and intellect and we design digital strategies catching incremental opportunities provided by AI. We work for medium to big size companies to optimize Brand Awareness, Lead Generation and Online Sales using Artificial Intelligence to get more sense in a Big Data environment. We combine our expertise in strategies with machine learning and the result is ROI and value for our Clients in services like Google and Amazon SEO & SEM, Web Analytics and Social Media.


Do you know which keywords have the best SEO potential for you? SEO is the digital channel with the best ROI. We have a team of SEO experts with +10 years experience and we constantly work to understand search algorithms and trends that impact organic results in Google, Amazon, Yandex and Youtube. We know also how to place at best your company or personal profile on LinkedIn. SEO is a service that we apply to several digital platforms, not only Google.


We can get qualified traffic running cross channels campaigns with machine learning optimization: Google, Facebook, and Amazon advertising solutions. We support our Clients at any levels: strategy, campaigns management, optimization and audit on existing advertising accounts. We are an independent agency, we trust in transparency and we work 100% in the Client interest. We don’t get revenue except for Clients’ fees. This is the only way to make decisions with the true goal, your ROAS.

Artificial Intelligence

Our best in class human team is assisted by AI to bring your digital plan to the next level and win in competition. We mix know how and innovative technologies to produce custom scalable outputs. Any activity that can be managed and optimized by a machine free up efforts turned into creativity and lateral thinking, making your digital plan unique.

Web Analytics

Your customers engage with online e mobile interactions across different devices and various channels, including social media, websites and apps. As a marketing manager or brand owner, you must set KPIs and measure each channel ROI and contribution in the path to conversion during the customer online journey. We truly believe that Analytics should weight at least 10% of your digital ad spending to get a real sense out of data and calculate precise ROI and ROAS.

Algorithms we had engineered

Google updates and future SERP predictions, Facebook and Instagram best practises for contents and ad managements, LinkedIn SEO and the rules for corporate branding and social selling, Amazon’s algo A9 and the 360° selling strategy to win… We are kind of Algorithms Hackers with solid marketing background, lateral thinking approach, passion and AI superpowers.