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Google, Amazon and Youtube are the places where people today are looking for information with precise intent: going to a geographical location, shopping online and acquiring info. Thanks to this collective intelligence comes the innovative Search Intelligence Insights service which offers companies a business intelligence on "intent based" marketing that is invaluable. The Search Intelligence Insights service is the new way to understand the consumer in depth: it is a kind of market research that uses the data returned by the platform (Google, Amazon and Youtbe) and analyzes them with artificial intelligence and web analytics .

This service was created to understand the true intent of a customer before, during and after purchase decisions, without the canonical filters of a focus group and with an immensely more solid database of quantitative research. The search agency AvantGrade (independent, unlike other search marketing agencies) has focused on the development of analysis methods and understanding of cross-platform research habits and before the purchase decision; in this we have benefited from the use of innovative AI technologies applied to data, text and images.


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