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Google, Amazon and Youtube are hugely popular websites where people every day go looking for information with specific intent: to go to a precise geographical location, to shop online and to acquire info about everything. Thanks to this collective wisdom, we’ve created the innovative Search Intelligence Insights service, which offers companies invaluable business intelligence data on intent-based marketing.

Our Search Intelligence Insights service is a new way to deeply understand the consumer when he makes searches on the internet: it’s a sort of market research that uses data provided by different platforms (Google, Amazon and Youtbe) and analyzes them using artificial intelligence and web analytics.
This service was created to understand the true goal of a customer before, during and after purchase decisions, without the recurring filters of focus groups and with a way more solid and updated database than the quantitative research one.

We at AvantGrade (an independent web marketing agency, unlike others out there) have decided to focus on the development of new analysis methods and new ways of understanding cross-platform research habits, before the purchase decision made by the customer: to obtain better results, we use innovative AI technologies applied to data, text and images.

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How can we understand what people search on Google and on the other most popular websites?

Nothing is as effective as Google, Amazon and YouTube to better understand how the habits of online consumers are changing, both from the point of view of their interests and their purchase intent. When major events radically change the society we live in, the Internet is the where this change can be experienced first.

Habits change slowly: usually it takes about 60 days of repetition for something to become a stable and well-established habit in our culture.
The first signs of this process are usually observed online.


Searches on Google and its services

Google, with its incredible amount of data, knows a great deal about us on the Internet. To be honest, Google probably knows us better than ourselves: its approach is purely based on reliable, measurable and verified data, without the cognitive bias that our brain exerts over our consciousness.

Finding out what are the most searched terms on Google is crucial for adjusting their digital and content marketing plans.

But Google is not just a popular search engine. There are other services made by Google that collect data about people’s research habits: it’s us who feed this constantly growing and ever improvin database. But Google gives a certain amount of this knowledge back to us and thanks to these data, analyzed with the the correct method, you can take a huge business advantage in terms of promtness and time to market.

Google Trends, Google Suggest, Google Ads and its keyword planner tool provide results that encompass the entire Internet, while Google Analytics and Google Search Console offer reliable data about our online presence. All this knowledge is incredibly valuable, if you own a digital business.

Google provides ideas for content marketing, for SEO-oriented articles, for social posts ad so much more! We know how to give you the best insights.


The most searched terms on Amazon that (quite certainly) mean purchases

Despite relying on fewer users than Google, Amazon has an ace up its sleeve: most of its customers, in fact, are seriously motivated to buy . And “buy” is the magic word, here.

typical Amazon user navigates and searches with a very, very strong purchase intent. An intent that Google understands fairly well, but cannot satisfy directly (except for Apps and other content on the few eShops it owns): Google isn’t going to sell you a deep fryer. Not very soon, at least.

The analysis we carry out on Amazon Ads, its Analytics data and search suggestions will give you a valuable starting point, whether you want to sell on Amazon or you want to sell online using a proprietary eCommerce: why publishing product pages endowed with text that nobody searches for? It makes no sense.

Google can help in this case, too: by analysing its search terms that contain the word “Amazon”, it’s easy to outline trends that affect the most famous eCommerce site in the world directly.
With all this information combined, we can provide you with reliable, easy to understand and immediately (and profitably) usable data.
We can even discover search volumes, accurately define purchase intents and find relevant correlations.

YouTube searches: what the video platform tells us

YouTube is part of the Google ecosystem, but it has to be analysed with a different approach.

YouTube, as Google does, offers a very reliable insight into what is trending online, thanks to its search data, information from its advertising features and its real time suggestions.

All of this is of great value to your content marketing, along with search volumes, to discover why users are looking for a given word and the semantic correlations between various terms.

Again, by combining YouTube with Google’s and Amazon’s, the result is a clear, precise indication on how to calibrate your marketing efforts.


Search Intelligence Insights: a reliable and solid online market research

If you choose our online data analysis service, you’ll be able to access a lot of information that provides an accurate snapshot of your consumer as is.

You will be able to understand how brand searches, product categories searches and the intent behind these queries change. You will also understand where to direct your SEO efforts, by discovering the most performing organic searches to target: these activities, at a relatively low cost, will give you the highest medium-term return on investment.

Things change faster these days and it’s necessary to take advantage of new opportunities before the competition does. With our Search Intelligence Insights, you can do it!

Search Intelligence Insights: understand the research habits of your next customers!

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