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Karma Metrix has one important goal: reduce the environmental impact of companies’ websites. If your company wants to promote a culture of corporate sustainability, Karma Metrix will give you the opportunity to do it fast and in a pratical way.

The climate emergency affects everyone and companies are committed to reduce the consumption of energy, water or plastic in their production process. Nevertheless, most people underestimate how much the web pollutes: sites, clouds, e-commerce, streaming etc all have their own environmental impact.

Did you know that browsing a single web page with multimedia content produces 0.2 grams of carbon dioxide per second? Did you know that every search on the Web is responsible for the emission of 7 grams of CO2 into the atmosphere, half of those generated by the preparation of a cup of tea?

According to Global Carbon Project, last year the Internet was the 4th country in the world for energy consumption after USA, China and India. The fault lies partly with the fossil fuels used to produce the energy necessary for the operation of data centers, servers, etc., and partly with the inefficient ways in which web pages are created.

Karma Metrics - Misuratore Web CO2

How can you make your site more eco-friendly?

This is simple: reduce your website CO2 emissions. If you want to do this is our reciped:

  1. Measure how energy efficient is your website today
  2. Take actions to improve its energy efficiency
  3. Periodically re-measure the site’s efficiency and CO2 emission

AvantGrade.com has developed Karma Metrix an innovative tool within its Artificial Intelligence department. Karma Metrix allows you to measure the environmental impact of a website’s pages in terms of CO2 emissions. This is possible using an algorithm that can assess up to 23 efficiency factors and compares them with a world benchmark.

How does it work

  1. We do a measurement of your web pages
  2. We issue an energy efficiency class rating also indicating the amount of CO2 emitted by each page in absolute terms and as a difference compared to the median world benchmark.
  3. If the rating is above average CO2 emissions (or data that can be improved), we can help you to identify the steps to be taken to make your website more efficient and sustainable.

Try it now! In seconds, you can make a demo to see how much a page on your business website pollutes. Click below to try the demo!

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Are you a sustainability PRO?

KARMA METRIX project was created to increase the environmental awareness of anyone who owns and manages a website. If you also fight for a cleaner world in any other way, feel free to reach out, we are now building strong partnership with important organization and influencers.

Contact us now: the planet also needs a more eco-sustainable web!

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