Glossary for the KARMA METRIX Project

  1. KARMA METRIX Rating : a service that estimates the environmental impact of a website in terms of CO2 emission. The service includes the execution of a measurement, called KARMA TEST, and the issue of a certificate that states the estimated amount of carbon emitted by the site in a year and the percentage difference with respect to the world median emission.
  2. KARMA TEST: Calculation of the amount of CO2 produced by the main pages of a website in a year. The amount of CO2 is calculated using a proprietary algorithm and it’s compared with the amount of CO2 produced by the average web page for the same number of visits. This value is update costantly, considering the emissions of millions of web pages. The test is performed on the Desktop version of the site pages. If the site uses a responsive approach, the test will be performed on the pages viewed through a desktop computer at a resolution of 1280 × 1024 pixels.
  3. PUBLIC DOMAIN INFORMATION. It means any and all public information included in the final result of the KARMA TEST (i.e. the domain name, company name, total CO2 emissions, difference compared to the world benchmark, URL of the pages that have been analyzed, date of the analysis).
  4. WORLD MEDIAN PAGE. The median weight of a web page used as a benchmark for our test is dynamically obtained from a sample of about 6 million pages analyzed in the last 12 months.
  5. KM ON A PLANE AND KM ON YOUR CAR (only on the demo tool). Comparison between the CO2 emitted by the analyzed page (assuming an average of 10,000 visits per month) and the CO2 emitted by a passenger on a scheduled flight and by car.