Digitale Strategie

Digital Strategy = I know I do not know

If your company wants to benefit from Digital Transformation, it needs a strategic guide to go in the right direction and accelerate the evolution over the competition.
AvantGrade senior consultants (Ex Ferrero, Yahoo) help sales and marketing executives understand, imagine and articulate a corporate strategy for the digital economy. We accelerate the speed with which our customers can bring “digital first” initiatives to the market, working in their teams to bring new skills to the areas where we are stronger, ie Search, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.


How we can help you

Our strategy services are aimed at marketing and sales departments in the sectors where we are most active: pharma, services
financial and insurance, consumer products, retail, pure e-commerce, tourism.

These are the types of digital strategic consulting services we can offer to customers:

  • Optimization of digital marketing and the media mix
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Voice Strategy on Google and Alexa
  • B2C and B2B digital presence strategy on the specific digital platforms Google, Youtube, Linkedin and Amazon
  • Presence strategy (direct/indirect) of your Brand on Amazon
  • International growth strategies using digital marketing
  • Auditing, design and construction of a digital marketing operating model
  • Implementation of Growth hacking tactics adapted to your context/sector
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Digitale Strategie

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