Digital marketing training for companies


AvantGrade helps the marketing managers to form their own team: depending on your goals, the experience of the digital team, we will grow the business know-how with a tailored, flexible training support, done in-house at your site or during the our courses open to the public. We are training partners of Ninja Marketing, Il Sole 24 ore Business School, IULM, Business International Fiera Milano and many others. We are editorial partners of Hoepli (Ale Agostini has written several books on digital). All courses can be delivered in Italian, English and French, either in person or via the web; each course includes the issuing of a certificate and at least a practical exercise.

SEO training on Google


SEO training is intended for copy-writers, marketing and technical-webmasters: in all 3 cases it will be your best investment. Since 2011 we train hundreds of people a year on Google algorithms! The training course is aimed at companies that want to grow visibility with Google, discovering the art of being found in a “natural” way. The duration varies from half a day up to 3 days.

SEO Workshop on Google for E-commerce


SEO training is for e-commerce and store managers who have to ride Google’s algorithm changes while maintaining good ROI and acceptable management complexity! The training course includes practical sessions on specific SEO cases of online stores such as: parameter management, canonical, images, international SEO / Multilingual, information architecture, product data sheets. The duration varies from half a day up to 2 days, both in person and via webinar.

Web Analytics Workshop


Our approach has always been to measure digital with data (not sensations). Our frontal training on Google Analytics is aimed at digital marketing, the analytics manager and webmasters. Since 2011 we train hundreds of people a year on Google Analytics. The duration varies from half a day up to 2 days, even online if you want!

Amazon Branding SEO and SEM course


How does Amazon work to enhance your brand? The right questions and answers can be found in the SEO and SEM course on Amazon, which provides the basics and concepts of SEM advertising and SEO optimization on Amazon. The workshop is designed for companies that have an important brand and want to seize the opportunity linked to the growth of the merchant in both B2C and B2B. In the introduction we cover the various options and types of brand presence on the AMZN marketplace (vendor vs seller). In the first part SEO, you learn to reason like the Amazon A9 algorithm; in the second part, with SEM activities, you increase visibility and sales with Amazon Ads.

Linkedin Training for Companies


Does Linkedin know the company organization charts and use them to “sell our talents to the competition”? Well our approach is to give companies the way to exploit the most important social professional Linkedin in terms of employer branding, social selling and profiling. The training is aimed at digital marketing, social media manager, sales, human resources, and those who care about their personal branding. The duration varies from half a day up to 2 days.

Facebook Ads Training


Does Facebook know everything about us and use it for advertising purposes? Well our approach is to give companies the way to make the most of profiling power. The training is done on Facebook Ads and is aimed at digital marketing, the social media manager. The duration varies from half a day up to 1 day.

Deep Web Workshop


Is the web full of fake news? The course transfers learning and the use of a personal, personalized, safe and protected work environment to be used for journalistic inquiries in the Deep Web, through TAILS (Linux-Debian based operating system designed to preserve privacy its users) and TOR (anonymous communication system for the Internet based on the onion routing network protocol. With Tor it is much more difficult to trace the user’s Internet activity). The duration varies from half a day up to 1 day, only in person.

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