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Those who offer professional SEO services must be clear and use language that is easy to understand even for those who are not in the trade. This page clarifies what is meant by SEO writing and what the different levels of SEO copywriting that a corporate client can expect.


The decision to write this article arises precisely from a question posed by an important client who asked me the following question a few days ago: “In your SEO audit, you wrote that meta tags are missing and need to be populated. Can you give me a quote for inserting title and description within all 2600 pages of the site?”

SEO Writing: What It Is


We define SEO writing as the activity of revising the textual elements present on a web page and its HTML code. The goal of SEO writing is to increase the understanding of the page itself by a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Amazon. SEO writing is generally done on existing content of a site; however, it can also be done through writing from scratch, starting from an SEO Keyword Research. The SEO language must still allow a good understanding of the content for both humans and the users who visit the pages. In other words, we write for the users and want to be understood by search engines, but not only.


SEO-Friendly Meta Tags (bare minimum)


Starting from the content of the web page, the Meta tags (title, description) are populated in accordance with the contained text. This type of service is used by companies that simply want to have a decent preview on the Google results page (where the title and description appear). Often, it is an easy and quick solution when translating the site. However, it must be clear that simply modifying the title and description generally brings few results in terms of SEO and ranking on Google.

Re-editing SEO (Complete Service)


Starting from the content of the URL, the ranking objective (keywords by language for the geographic market), a preliminary analysis of the competition is conducted and an SEO rewrite is proposed on:

– On-page text (use of synonyms, plurals, related terms, roots, etc.)

– Internal links within the site

– URL nomenclature

– Meta tags (title, description, h1, alt image)

– External links to authoritative sources

Generally, this type of SEO copywriting requires the availability of a Keyword Research and specific ranking objectives related to web pages. The implementation of SEO Re-Editing done by professional search engine optimization copywriters yields good results in terms of SEO and ranking on Google, obviously assuming other Google ranking factors remain equal. This video explains what Search Engine Optimization is.


SEO Copywriting with Artificial Intelligence (Premium Service)


Images are very important for SEO. In addition to the activities listed above, to further optimize the site’s texts, we conduct an analysis of image consistency through the use of artificial intelligence.

Usually, SEO copywriting with AI requires the availability of a Keyword Research and an image analysis. This activity, conducted by search engine optimization experts, yields excellent results (often even rich snippets) in terms of SEO and ranking on Google, clearly assuming other Google ranking factors remain equal.

The innovation of SEO copywriting with artificial intelligence lies precisely in the ability to optimize images as well as text with the aim of improving understanding for both the user and the search engine.

If you are a company, request more information about our SEO services. If you are a competitor or a freelancer, contact us for a course in SEO copywriting.

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