Since February 2023, Bing has integrated ChatGPT’s AI functionalities, becoming the first AI-Driven search engine in history. From this innovation, numerous scenarios and opportunities for companies arise, especially those attentive to change and who wish to gain a competitive advantage right from the start on what will be the future of SEO.

To help companies seize this opportunity, we have launched our SEO Bing GPT service, a unique digital marketing service that allows you to optimize your online presence not only on Bing’s SERP, but also on the search engine’s AI functionalities.


What is the SEO Bing GPT service


Our innovative SEO Bing GPT service helps you improve your website’s visibility in Bing’s search results through specific SEO optimization activities. But that’s not all: with the consultancy of our experts, we will analyze the results of Bing’s AI Chat related to your brand and develop actions to improve how the artificial intelligence talks about your business.

Let’s take a closer look at how our service is structured.

Reputation Snapshot Bing & ChatGPT


We analyze the positioning of your website pages within Bing’s SERP and examine what ChatGPT’s Chat on Bing knows about your brand, obtaining a true snapshot of the current status;

SEO Strategy


We build an SEO strategy aimed at improving your visibility in Bing’s SERP, optimizing the way Bing ChatGPT’s AI talks about your brand, and making you a leader in your industry;

Operational Support


Our SEO consultants will support you in all the optimization operations proposed in the construction of the SEO Strategy.

SEO on Bing: Why It Is Important


Since February 2023, the month when Bing integrated ChatGPT’s AI functionalities, Microsoft’s search engine has experienced unprecedented growth, increasing its share of daily active users by 600%, reaching the peak of over 1 million daily active users. A considerable figure, a record in Bing’s history!

Companies attentive to change should not underestimate this growth, which is expected to continue over time. Supporting this thesis are the data: Bing has already reached in Italy a market share of over 7% from desktop, a number never seen before and which historically hovered around 3% (SimilarWeb data, May 2023).

The growth is not only in the use of Bing as a search engine but also in the integrated AI functionality thanks to ChatGPT. In fact, within the first month of its launch, there were already 100 million chats activated by users worldwide. By May 2023, this number has surpassed half a billion: an exponential growth in this case as well, as can be seen from the graph below. What share will be reached in the future?

Artificial Intelligence and SEO: The Timeline of Major Events

A chi è rivolto il nostro servizio

Our SEO Bing GPT service is aimed at all companies attentive to web innovations, who wish to increase their online competitiveness, sales, and business revenue. We address businesses across all sectors that are ready to invest in a project that will bring value and advantage in the long term, being aware that:

Search engine result pages, as we know them today, will evolve in the future.
More and more space will be given to artificial intelligence and conversational results, like those of ChatGPT.

The Benefits of SEO Bing GPT


Here’s why you should invest in our SEO Bing GPT service right away:

  • VISIBILITY: improving your ranking on Bing becomes an additional showcase that can bring more organic traffic to your website, increasing sales opportunities and therefore revenue;
  • LESS COMPETITION: while almost all businesses are focused on optimizing their ranking on Google, very few companies are currently developing an SEO strategy for Microsoft Bing. Starting now can mean facing less competition and making it easier to climb to the top position of the SERP;
  • BRAND REPUTATION: taking control of company, brand, product, and potential local office information within ChatGPT on Bing;
  • PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE: experimenting today with SEO optimization strategies for AI-Driven search engines means already knowing how to act tomorrow when artificial intelligence will also be part of the search results of giants like Google. When this happens, your business will already know which digital strategy to pursue, to the detriment of less forward-thinking competitors.


If you want to be among the companies riding the wave of innovation in digital marketing, fill out the form and tell us about your project: we will be happy to set up a call with you and support you in growing your online business.