Green SEO: Sustainable Search Engine Optimization


The synergy between SEO and Digital Sustainability has given rise to Green SEO

An highly qualified and certified service, made in partnership with Karma Metrix


What is Green SEO


Did you know that, if the Internet were a Country, it would be the 4th in the world for CO2 emissions? Large companies that invest in digital assets are taking steps to reduce their digital infrastructures’ carbon footprint. That’s why, SEO agency with a strong innovative vision since 2011, is the first company to offer the Green SEO Service.

In addition to our SEO services, for which we are recognized as leaders, we combine the power of Karma Metrix, the first digital sustainability journey that measures and improves the environmental impact of websites.

What the service includes:


  • Support of our certified SEO team;
  • SEO activities to increase in target organic traffic;
  • Measurement of website CO2 emissions;
  • Reduction of the environmental impact (you can also communicate your commitment to all stakeholders within your ESG Report);
  • Seal that certifies the measurement of website CO2 emissions and the company’s progress towards carbon footprint reduction.

The convergence of SEO and Digital Sustainability


SEO is important to gain online visibility, but working on sustainability is fundamental to protect the environment trough specific actions that better the eco-sustainability of the website.

SEO and sustainability are related issues, they are two sides of the same coin: lots of SEO factors are directly linked to energy efficiency of the website and to its carbon footprint. Trough the common factors we can find:

  • Images weight;
  • Caching;
  • Website performance and load speed;
  • Presence of duplicate contents.

By the optimization of these aspects, you can obtain more SEO visibility and less CO2 website emissions at the same time: the advantage is both for the Company and the Planet.

The Synergy between SEO and sustainability is going to drive the digital strategy of cutting-edge companies.

Benefits of Green SEO


Imagine the exponential growth in traffic, branding, sales, and cost savings that would be achieved by combining the benefits of SEO with those of energy efficiency for your website.

SEO PositioningEnergy Efficiency

Increase brand visibility within search engines

Reduce CO2 website emissions by 30%*

Boost organic traffic on the website

Decrease Cloud costs till 10%*

Get more valueable leads and contacts for the business

Improve brand reputation and enrich your ESG Report

Generate more revenues by a possibile growth of online sales

Take an action that is 100% in line with carbon neutrality goals

Green SEO is the service that suits for your company if:

  • you want to increase its digital performance;
  • you already work on SEO, but look for innovation;
  • you wish to add another asset to the communication;
  • you aim to be a pioneer in the field;
  • you pay attention to sustainability;
  • you aspire to insert digital actions in its ESG report.


Karma Metrix Project


Karma Metrix is the 1st digital sustainability journey, chosen by top brands, that measures, compares and improves the environmental impact of a website. Together with the CO2 emissions measurement, made by a patented algorithm, Karma Metrix gives you a Seal that certifies the achieved result and the commitment of the Company. The measurement is in line with the main standards like GHG Protocol and GRI 305 Emissions and it’s been already chosen by international companies.

Some of the clients:

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