Conversion Rate Optimization Service (CRO): reasons for hiring a CRO Agency


If you have an eCommerce or a business that generates online sales, you know how important Conversion Rate is and how important it is to improve it. Our Senior analysts are specialized in analyzing the factors that affect this KPI and know how to find the best optimization opportunities to increase turnover, even by simply moving a button. The analyzes carried out are based on verified data and, thanks to the continuous multivariate A / B tests carried out every day, we know where and what to do to increase the conversion rate of your online business.

This is how a skilled CRO Agency like can help you increase sales and income. Just tell us your goals and we’ll do all that’s necessary to make sure you hit it!


Definition of Conversion


Generally speaking, a conversion is a measurable action that shows an important advancement of a potential customer towards a actual customer status.


What is the Conversion Rate


The Conversion Rate is the percentage of users who perform one or more conversions on your website out of the total number of visitors.

conversion is an important goal for an online business and its type changes with your business model: it can be a purchase, filling a contact form, a phone call and everything you choose as the purpose of your digital marketing activities.

Usually, a high conversion rate means success: your message (or service and product) is hitting the mark and your potential customers are often transformed into satisfied paying customers.


How to calculate Conversion Rate


Calculating the conversion rate is quite simple. All you have to do is divide the number of conversions in a given period of time by the number of people who have visited your landing page / site and multiply that number by 100.

Fro example, if the goal of a webpage is the download of an eBook and 2500 people have visited that page with 250 successful downloads, then your Conversion Rate is (250/2500) x100 = 10%

This is the formula:

(number of conversions / unique visitors) x 100


How to increase the conversion rate: what a CRO Agency can do for you


The conversion rate, as you know by now, is a very important KPI for every digital business. Being measurable with precision, it can be deeply optimized and shows very clearly the impact of each marketing initiative carried out to increase it. And also the failure of those initiatives, which must always be taken into account.

The CRO service offered by AvantGrade works towards optimizing the Conversion Rate , in many ways.

There’s no “magic” method to increase the conversion rate: each site and web page has a different need that deserves a specific process of optimization.

For this reason, AvantGrade experts consider a plurality of variables, to identify in a timely manner the fields of intervention: it can be the user interface, an incorrect audience targeted by your advertising campaigns, a message badly conveyed, lack of SEO optimization for relevant keywords and more.

Contact us and we will help you increase your conversion rate!

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