SEM & SEA services


Unlike many media centers, AvantGrade’s first goal is to help companies spend their marketing budgets on Google, Amazon, Youtube and Bing. We manage campaigns and buy spaces from your account (without hidden fees!): We ask you a fixed fee guaranteeing professionalism, focus on your ROI & ROAS (not that of Google or the media center), update on the changes of digital platforms. We are Google’s Premier Partner thanks to our expertise in Google Ads.

SEM on Google Ads


AvantGrade’s SEM and SEA methodology is based on years of experience and SEM projects of international success. Our method of managing sponsored visibility and remarketing focuses on these cornerstones:

  • Clear objectives and costs: at the start we define the objectives of your campaign in terms of maximum monthly budget, conversion targets, cost per click and / or cost per conversion.
  • Measurability of returns: each investment is measured and weighted by spending your budget well and measuring expenditure and yield.
  • Continuous testing: we establish a continuous testing plan to optimize the performance of keywords, announcements, extensions, remarketing segments, landing pages in order to improve the quality score and ROI.
  • As targeted as possible: we choose exactly which geographic areas to reach, such as research intents, in which sites of the display network appear, profiling the campaign target up to the single specific neighborhood area of ​​the city. Where possible we try to reach those who are actively looking for your services / products based on the stage of purchase more or less advanced.
  • Professional reporting: with the defined frequency, you will receive clear and detailed reports on the performance of campaigns and specific keywords.
  • Technology: for budgets exceeding 100 k per year, we use advanced real time bidding (RTB) tools from independent third parties and based on artificial intelligence in order to increase the conversion rate and reduce the CPC (cost per click).

Video advertising on Youtube


The fruition and attention on online videos (today at discounted prices) increases and replaces TV (which still has high prices). We advertise your videos on Youtube and Vimeo, supporting your brand awareness in a targeted and effective way. Youtube works at CPV (cost per view): while traditional display ads are charged based on impressions, with the CPV offer model, you only pay when a user watches and interacts with your video. The price for a video display starts from € 0.01 to go up based on the competition and the type of format you choose: among the different formats, one of the most popular is in-stream (it is played before another video on video YouTube or in the Display network). Users can choose to skip your ad after a few seconds. You pay the youtube ad only if a viewer watches the ad for 30 seconds or until the end, depending on which event occurs first. So if the user does “skip video” Don’t pay! For example, with an average cost per view of € 0.20, you would pay around € 2000 to educate 10,000 people on a tutorial theme linked to your offer.

SEM on Amazon


The price of advertising on Amazon in Europe today is discounted by 80% compared to what it will be in 3 years. The reason? This is a new platform and many do not know that Amazon allows advertising. We are among the first in Europe to use Amazon’s SEM ads with great success and ROAS that were visible on Google AdWords until 2007. Amazon allows you to make a wide range of ads on its properties (B2C and B2B) and on networks:

  • Sponsored ads: they are divided into sponsored products and sponsored brands (formerly known as stock search ads) and allow you to reach Amazon customers (AMZN) while searching for and browsing specific products. Ads appear on search results pages and relevant product pages, directing customers to the product details page or to the Store. No amount is charged if the customer does not click on the campaign.
  • Display ads: targeting target audience segments with your message reaches customers on AMZN sites, apps, devices and third-party sites. Pay if a customer clicks on your ad (CPM starting from € 0.2 in the simplest formats), checking your campaign budgets.

Amazon will also soon launch other new formats including Stream videos; the interesting aspect in terms of profiling will be the synergy of your business with the data on the very rich Amazon cookie.

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