Social Media Marketing Services


We have only one goal: to create content that attracts attention and works on the social media that we know well: Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. We work both organically and sponsored. And today, this can mean so many things besides meeting your business goals.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you decide to “invest in social media”:

  • Do I have a social media strategy designed looking at the competition?
  • Do I have an action plan? How was it defined?
  • Which social media should I be on? With what objective?
  • Does my plan work within the budget?
  • Do I need to internalize the content and graphics part?
  • Will the plan work within the time frame I need to be visible?
  • Will we be able to adapt specific messages to different social platforms?
  • Will we be able to significantly reach our buyer?
  • How do we combine our social actions within the whole marketing mix?
  • What and how to measure social media?


Our team of experts from social platforms and digital consultants will ensure the realization of the best possible content, supported by laser focus targeting, continuous analysis, without advertising waste. Because I remind you that unlike media centers we are 100% independent and we manage social campaigns by buying ADV spaces directly from your social account, without hidden commissions or contracts that bind you to our agency for life.

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