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We are among the most qualified and recognized SEO Agencies on the market. We operate internationally, with hundreds of satisfied customers in Italy and Switzerland.

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We are an SEO marketing agency based in Ticino, founded by Ale Agostini, entrepreneur, popularizer, speaker and writer of 9 books on digital marketing. We work with clients from all over Europe and international brands, who have relied on our expertise for digital marketing services.

We have been active since 2011 and to date we boast more than a decade of experience in Search Engine Optimization. Until 2018 we operated as the European branch of the famous US company Bruce Clay, one of the best SEO agencies in the world. Since 2018 we have been known as AvantGrade.com.



The profound experience on international projects and the continuous updating of our team of experts allows us to offer real competitive advantages to our customers, helping them to successfully achieve their brand awareness, lead generation and online sales objectives. We guarantee professionalism, innovation, focus on ROI, updating with the latest algorithmic changes of digital platforms.

We treat our customers as if they were strategic partners: we care about their projects as if they were ours!


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The SEO agency is a company made up of consultants and online positioning experts. Whatever your business sector, you need an SEO agency to optimize your online presence, increase the visibility of your products and gain top positions in the results of search engines like Google.

All this will lead your business not only to increase traffic to your website, but also to gain more customers and increase your turnover.


Those who do SEO professionally have the possibility of obtaining increased visibility and a significant competitive advantage. We must, however, keep in mind that behind this result there is always a long and complex job, made up of attention to detail and technicalities.

The SEO agency is an important investment to grow your online business. You must therefore be sure to choose the best SEO consultants, capable of providing you with quality services.


Very often it happens that customers who decide to rely on an SEO agency do not know how to evaluate the best partner for them. It may happen that behind a well-packaged package of services, an incompetent reality is hidden, with the consequent loss of investment in collaboration. However, when the unpreparedness becomes apparent, it may be too late.

For every company that decides to start a partnership with an SEO agency, it is therefore essential to be able to analyze the skills of the consultants you rely on, understand in detail the package of services that are offered and immediately clarify objectives and brief of the project you want to start.


Ask the SEO agency which working methods it uses to achieve the set objectives. In fact, it is not uncommon for one to come across fake professionals who know little about the subject and do not have an analytical and data-driven approach. Or again, you could encounter agencies that use working methodologies that are not very similar to Google guidelines, with the risk that your site could be penalized in positioning or even de-indexed. We are referring not only to negative SEO practices (aimed at damaging competitors to improve their own visibility), but also to spam and black hat SEO practices, which could reward you in the short term, but for which you would pay a very high price over time. time!

An excellent SEO agency will provide you with detailed reports on the progress of the operations it carries out, informing you of any milestones or news. If you rely on real professionals, you won’t need any extra checks. However, be careful to monitor the right performance indicators: it can happen that behind a well-done SEO report, there are hidden data that the agency does not intend to show to the client. If your consultants avoid including some fundamental SEO KPIs for your business in the report (organic traffic to the website, lead generation, positioning) preferring to highlight only some metrics, then it will be your right to delve deeper into the analysis: always remember that the goal of the SEO agency is to help you achieve your business goals!

If it is true that in SEO the result is never certain, it is also true that optimization activities cannot be in vain! To understand what results to expect from collaborating with an SEO agency, clarify your objectives right away and let them propose the right strategy to achieve them, according to the times and budget that you will establish together.

Among the SEO results you can expect, regardless of the brief, will be the improvement of the positioning of your content in search engine results. This translates into greater quality traffic to the site, which will thus be able to attract the right target.


Each SEO project starts from a detailed brief in which the company sets out its visibility objectives on search engines.

To achieve the objectives, we start from mapping the online market to obtain strategic insights at both an SEO and business level (positioning on Google, competitors, unexplored market niches…)

We outline the phases of the project: you will be supported by our expert SEO consultants, who will follow you step by step in optimizing for search engines.

Throughout the duration of the collaboration, we will provide you with detailed SEO reports to verify the progress of operations, check the main SEO KPIs and evaluate the ROI obtained.


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