Web Analytics: deciding on data


When you decide, do you have data to support the choice or do you rely on feelings? We offer you over eight years of experience and expertise to evaluate your mountains of data and make intelligent decisions. We are certified Google Analytics and inside your data we see insights that others don’t notice, connecting marketing decisions with user behavior and ROI.

Since 2011 we have offered experience and expertise on web analytics to extract insights from mountains of data and make intelligent decisions. We are Google Analytics certified and within your metrics we find insights that few notice, connecting marketing decisions with user behavior and ROI objectives.

By observing what people do on your site we can understand what they really want and can thus suggest where to act to obtain the best results: this is the added value that a web analytics agency can bring to your business.

Well-tracked and analyzed data is the essential basis for making high-impact decisions on conversions, traffic, SEO optimization at content or UI/UX level and, ultimately, on company ROI.


Our advanced consultancy services in Web Analytics


Google Tag manager


The essence and benefits of a good tag manager can be summarized as follows:

  • Memorize different tags in a single tag container, avoiding the disorder and spreading of individual tags on the pages and the site;
  • Make extra surveys on navigation (Scroll, interest on global menus, etc) that are not possible from web analytics;
  • Increase security.

On average, a site has 14 unique codes (among the most frequent the Facebook pixel, the Google Analytics code, Criteo remarketing): to monitor the performance of different online campaigns. All these code snippets become difficult to manage, especially if they require the intervention of their IT department or Web Agency. The solution for your marketing team? Call us now and install Google’s Tag Management System (TMS), which is a single snippet of JavaScript code within the HTML code that contains and manages all the other tags.


Google Analytics


Let’s start with your business goals to transform masses of data into business insights. We go beyond the useless basic installation to recommend and implement advanced measurement strategies to allow the kind of analysis that affects the economic results of your business. A good analysis begins with an accurate data collection and precise configuration of Google Analytics: we find inaccuracies and inefficiencies and we correct them. We will work with you to implement personalized and advanced monitoring that you can trust. We offer both one-time auditing services during the critical phases of the life of the site / App (restyling, platform change / CMS), and ongoing support in order to become an extension of the marketing / BI / development teams, providing regular advice for transforming data into a monthly flow of valuable insights.


Google Analytics for Ecommerce


As far as we are concerned, Google Analytics is the most important tool for every e-commerce. When it comes to e-commerce, the most trivial changes to your site can cost you money. With a powerful analysis at your fingertips, you can identify opportunities, eliminate costly problems and rigorously test changes before putting them online. How much does your complicated checkout process cost you? Can conversion rates be increased? Our services related to Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce allow you to answer questions like these and make your business online “data driven”.


Google Analytics 360


Google Analytics 360 is the answer for high-traffic websites that need more granular data, high collection limits and reduced sampling, or exclusive features and robust integrations with other CRM platforms such as Salesforce.Whether in the selection phase (360 is not for everyone, costs and requires a series of pre-requisites) that management, we can give you technical, strategic support, planning and execution. Independently.

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