App Store Optimization

Why an App Store Optimization (ASO) Agency


App Store optimization is a process that must take many different aspects into account: it’s not just about finding an original name for your app, but about a series of tests and activities that also touch areas such as interface design, storytelling, conversion rate optimization, and many other branches of digital marketing.

Relying on an ASO agency like AvantGrade means saving time and energy: we have a deep understanding of various industries, their users, and their needs, and we know how to infuse this know-how into your app.

By combining our experience with the best practices of optimization for the two major online app stores (as well as for search engines in terms of SEO), we will help you improve your visibility, downloads, and of course, conversions.


What an ASO Agency Can Offer You


In addition to the benefits in terms of internal resources, an App Store Optimization agency helps you with specific training on the most strategic aspects for your business. For example, you can entrust us with the launch phase, then train yourself to manage any updates independently.

An agency can also help you understand and outline a long-term ASO plan: not all apps are the same, and there is no single strategy that works for all apps.

In particular, the benefits of a good ASO strategy can be:

  • Increase in app ranking
  • Increase in downloads
  • Increase in conversions (in-app purchases, subscriptions)
  • Increase in active users

If your app is already online and available, we can conduct in-depth ASO audits to understand where you can improve and how to do it.

With a thorough and comprehensive keyword/market research, we will clearly show you where to intervene with relevant textual content: in doing so, you will discover interesting niches to target before beginning the climb towards the highest traffic categories.

Analyzing the results, both before and after, will give you a clear reflection of the improvements that our App Store Optimization has provided you.

But that’s not all: there are A/B tests for icons and conversion processes, advertising management to increase downloads, content marketing to support your app, and much more.


Why Do You Need ASO?


If you are not working on the ASO of your app, you will probably fall behind your competitors. App stores are growing exponentially, and everyone is working to improve their search algorithms. Leveraging growth opportunities through ASO will allow your app to improve its ranking and gain more installations.


Why Should You Change What You Are Doing?


App Store Optimization is an opportunity for apps of all kinds. Every app has the potential to expand the reach and visibility of the keywords associated with it, improve the conversion rate, and work on the wide range of existing ASO factors.
Our solutions are tailor-made for each client to leverage all the opportunities and trends of the moment. Data doesn’t lie, and our approach as an ASO agency is precisely to base all our optimizations on data.
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