Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence & Digital Marketing

The world will improve thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI). With AvantGrade you can benefit from the “disruptive” power of AI that we will apply to your digital marketing. Be an innovator and switch to AI before your competitors!

AI is an aggregate of technologies – from Machine Learning to Natural Language Learning – that allow machines to understand huge amount of information, learn and decide more scientifically, better, faster. If your company produces and manages tons of data, AI will transform it into knowledge and decision-making power.


Application of Artificial Intelligence in SEO and Marketing

In AvantGrade, we apply the most powerful technologies of Artificial Intelligence to give new answers to marketing questions and carry out activities with high added value. When choosing or reviewing images for your website, we must consider that your choices will impact Google SEO. We are able to recognize the origin, the duplication on the web, and the semantic theme of the selected photos, checking their consistency with the message and Brand Equity. In our Digital Marketing services (SEO, SEM, SEA and Web Analytics), machine learning technologies support our consultants and enable them to do business activities in a new and more powerful way. In fact, our belief is and will always be HUMAN & MACHINE!

Using supervised learning models – by providing the AI with pairs of inputs and outputs to train it -, we can develop innovative services that offer a very high level of results’ reliability.

With robust datasets and powerful computing resources on the cloud, the applications we have developed in-house can make a difference in saving time and resources.

For example, we have developed a recognition system for medical images applied to the diagnosis of certain pathologies.

AI applicata alle radiografie

After uploading the image, the Artificial Intelligence provides the doctor with the answer to a simple but crucial question: “Is the pathology present?”.
The level of accuracy and speed of this diagnosis, even on large quantities of inputs, is extremely useful in the medical field.

Another AI-based system, which we use in our digital marketing services, is a model capable of automatically defining the category of a website.
By providing a URL to the AI, we receive in real time an indication of the category to which an online property belongs.

Example of IA applied to websites category

Thanks to this tool, for instance, we can quickly understand if a link from a given website belongs to a category in the same niche of another website we’re assessing.
In link audits, this information is very important and obtaining it automatically is a considerable time saver.

But that’s not all! Using the predictive capabilities of a deeply trained model, we can forecast the development of search trends about a given keyword.

AI that forecast a search trend for a query

Again, the tool allows us to add further future traffic data to our state of the art keyword researches, with a level of accuracy and reliability that is pretty close to 100%.

Artificial Intelligence has long been present in our lives in a silent way: AI is at the base of services such as hotel reservations, road maps, online dating, Netflix or Pandora’s suggestions, the choice of Facebook and Instagram on what to show you in your stream. Artificial Intelligence is, therefore, part of our ecosystem: the most advanced companies of the 21st century are already using AI to accelerate their process of innovation and growth. The others will remain behind. The best way to predict the future remains the same: invent it! Now it’s your turn!


AI outside Digital Marketing

We need an exponential improvement in human behaviour, more altruism, more long-term optics, more collaboration if we want to win global challenges that affect the whole humanity (climate change, sustainability, inequality). This exponential improvement will go through the application of artificial intelligence to science and socio-economic decisions. As after the industrial revolution, many repetitive jobs will disappear, while new creative and strategic works will be invented!


Why you should embrace AI now

Being at the forefront and introducing innovation before the competition has become a critical success factor in a rapidly changing world. Today the strongest and most innovative companies win competitive challenges thanks to artificial intelligence. The great changes start from small choices pursued over time. In 4 years, a business without AI will no longer be a business: the Marketing Manager or Chief Digital Officer today has a great opportunity, activate change by introducing Artificial Intelligence in its business.


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